How to face Interview Board

Facing an Interview Board:
When you have qualified in written examination 50% you are through. But to be confident and comfortable you should care yourself as follows.

1. Professional look.

If you want to make a good impression, then you have to start off by dressing professionally. It will help you land the job of your dreams because fine feather make fine birds. You must look smart even though the office is a bit more casual, which is far better to impress interviewers.

2. Arrive 10 minutes early.

Coming little bit early to the interview shows that you’re punctual and that you really care about your job. Relax your mind for a while, do not rush in just before it’s time to begin or in last moment.

3. Introduce yourself with confidence.

When you walk into the room, stand straight, make eye contact, put a smile on your face, and give your interviewers a firm, confident handshake when you introduce yourself. Walk with confidence and avoid looking around the room; remember that you only have one chance to make a first impression, and you want it to count. You can say something simple like, “I am X. Thank you Sir.”

4. Be confident while answering.

Speak as clearly and confidently as you can. Make eye contact when you share your thoughts and ideas. Try to avoid saying “like” or “um” and focus on getting your points across. The most important thing is that you deliver your words with confidence and sound like you really mean what you say. You should make sure your words sound natural, not rehearsed.

5. Avoid giving personal information.

Though you may feel like your interviewers really like you, you should avoid mentioning anything overly personal about yourself. Don’t talk about your significant other, your kids, or your personal problems at home; this shows that you’re not focused on the job and that you’re unprofessional.

6. Make sure to thank your interviewers in person.

When the interview is over, show that you’re grateful for the fact that your interviewers took the time to meet with you and to get a chance to talk to you about your skills and qualifications. As you leave the room, shake your interviewer’s hand again and make sure to look them in the eye and give a sincere smile and a real thank you; this shows that you’re considerate and that you’re really grateful for the opportunity.

7. Know what not to do.

There are a few things you should avoid at all costs when you go into an interview. Many people don’t know that a few innocent comments can actually cause a big red flag to go up for the interviewer. Choose your words carefully and make sure you give an impression of being a respectful, hard worker who is truly excited about the position. Here are some things you should avoid. Don’t ask about the perks of the job before you’ve been given an offer. This will make it look like you’re more interested in vacation days than in working.

8. Don’t say badly of your current job or employer.

In your present job even if your boss is a rude, inconsiderate and your job is un stimulating and you feel completely unfulfilled there, you should say something like, “I’ve gained a lot of great experiences at my current position, but I’m ready for a new challenge.” If you say horrible things about your job or your boss, then your potential future employers will think that you may turn around and say the same about them in the future. You want to give the impression of being an easy going, agreeable person who is easy to work with.

All the best.

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