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SYFT helps job-seekers to get their dream jobs by providing well-structured and high-quality online study materials for competitive bank exams. We will provide you with comprehensive study materials of outstanding quality that you can access from anywhere on your laptop or mobile devices. We will be your companion in this most important journey of your life.

To teach online where students are mastering their skills and achieving their goals by learning from our extensive use of the library of courses taught by expert instructors including updated app entry facilities and To keep youths stay focused until they reach on their desired goal making a difference in learning through concept-based teaching using digital learning

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Hello Everyone, I am Sonali Nayak from National Capital New Delhi. I will be joining Canara Bank in July 2018. I cleared IBPS PO in 2017. I feel honoured to be able to share my knowledge on IBPS PO examination and thank you SYFT for this opportunity.
All the best!  

Sonali Nayak


SYFT undoubtedly has been the most successful test series since the time of inception of online test series. All others are just playing the game and nowhere even close to matching the level of SYFT



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