Frequently Asked Questions

Purchases & Refunds

We are working to add more banks to support transactions. However, till we list them, you can pay using the existing banks. If you have a credit/debit card of any bank, you can also pay using that. Else you can contact at
Thank you for trusting us. Once you have made the payment you should be able to access our entire course, lessons and test series. In case you have problems, please send an email to
If you are not satisfied within 30 days of buying please contact us and we will refund you the entire amount.

Using SYFT

SYFT is a community where students are preparing for exams online. It is our vision that quality learning can be made available to millions of students in affordable and convenient manner through SYFT.
Step 1 is to register/login to SYFT. Next, select the exams you are preparing for and you'll start seeing the posts from SYFT mentors and fellow students in your feed. You can change the exam preferences any time by adding/removing more exams. You can also search for any information using search options or use the explore menu to find study material in a structured manner. You can also ask your doubts on SYFT or take quizzes to compare your performance with millions of other students preparing on SYFT.
Your posts will automatically be visible to other students who are part of the same exam community. However, if you violate community guidelines on SYFT, your posts will be marked as spam by other users as a result of which your posts could be removed from SYFT. If further instances of violation are reported, admin can block your account to keep the - community healthy. Please read more about SYFT community guidelines here.
Please send us the screenshot on and we'll look into it.