Cloze Test

Cloze Test

Cloze Test is a very important topic of the English section for all banking examinations. In order to score good marks in the English Section, it is essential to get a hang of basic information about cloze test, including types of cloze test and approach to solving cloze test questions. You can also practice questions of cloze test exercise from the link provided at the end of this post.

What is a Cloze Test?
Cloze Test is not very different from the usual fill in the blanks. In a cloze test, multiple blanks are given within the passage so it becomes important to understand the entire context, unlike the fill in the blanks in which the response is purely based on the given sentence only.

Types of Cloze Test Questions
Usually, the cloze test is asked as a set of 5-10 questions. It has two variations:

1. Old Pattern:
A passage with 5-10 blanks is given. You are required to choose a word for each blank from the five options given in the question.

2. New Pattern:
With each blank in the passage, a word is given which serves as the fifth option. Instead of any word in the fifth option, ‘No change required/No correction required’ is given. This simply means that the word given with the blank acts as the fifth option. As per the directions of this specific question, if the given word can fit in the blank, the answer should be marked as ‘no change/ correction required’.

Important Tips for Cloze Test
This question appears to be confusing, however, if tackled with wit it can turn into a scoring topic for you.

A content always has a context and a tone in which it is written. It is important to pay attention to these factors to be able to judge the correct option. Let’s discuss each of these factors.

In the banking examinations, the passage or the paragraph is mostly based on three themes i.e. financial, environmental and technological. Financial paragraphs can be based on the contemporary trends in the economy, tax reforms, GST, etc. The environmental paragraphs can be related to global warming, seasonal changes, any recent calamity, etc. The technological paragraphs can be based on new inventions, the importance of technology in daily life, etc. It is important that one has an idea about these themes to be able to judge the kind of words that can fit in these contexts.

The three basic tones observed in the paragraphs chosen for the cloze tests are critical, analytical and descriptive. A critical tone is used by the author to express adverse or disapproving comments or judgements. An analytical tone is used by the author to relate to an analysis or logical reasoning. A descriptive tone is said to be adopted by the author when he/she gives details about a topic and provides informative content of a topic, say pros and cons, statistics etc.

Approach to solve Cloze Test Questions
You must keep in mind the five key approaches given below while solving any cloze test:

Read the passage: Give a glance to the passage and highlight the keywords to get an idea about the topic.
Analyse the theme of the passage: Once you highlight the keywords, it becomes easy to understand the theme of the paragraph.
Be mindful of the supporting/contradicting connectors: Connectors play a key role in choosing the correct word. Supporting connectors indicate that the context of the two statements or clauses is similar, it helps you to select a word that best brings out the desired meaning. Contradicting connectors show that the context of the two statements or clauses is that of opposition or contrast and the word chosen as the answer should correspond with the same.
Supporting connectors: and, like, likewise, similarly
Contradicting connectors: but, however, unlike, although, though
Eliminate Options: Once you have judged the context of the entire paragraph and the connectors of the specific question, eliminate the options which do not abide by them.
Choose the correct contextual meaning: A word may have multiple meanings; hence it is important to understand the contextual usage of the word.
For example: Let’s take the word ‘cell’. Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life. Cell is the basic unit of a battery. Cell is used to refer to cell phones. Cell is also used to refer to a prison. A container is also called a cell.

If you go step by step, keeping in mind these five key approaches you will surely be able to solve the cloze test quickly and accurately. Try and solve the new pattern cloze test using these five approaches. Scroll down for the answers and the solution.

Examples of Cloze Test
Directions: In the passage given below words are given in bold, each followed by a number given in the brackets. Every word in bold has five alternatives. Find the word which best suits the place. If the given word suits the blank, mark 'no correction/change required' as the answer.
It took the Delhi High Court to set right last week a largely inexplicable instance of official gender equality(Q1): it ruled that the Indian Navy must grant permanent commission to women as well, as the Army and the Air Force had to do following a 2010 order by a different bench of the same court. somehow(Q2) now, women could qualify only for the Navy’s Short Service Commission with tenure of up to 14 years; this made them ineligible for pension and often unable to find other work they were qualified for, virtually midway through their working lives. Following the latest ruling, women who qualify(Q3) for permanent commission will be able to work until the age of 54, as their male counterparts do. The 19 women who filed plea(Q4) before the court argued that they had received the same training as their male counterparts and worked for a comparable number of years in different departments, but could go no further for the only reason that they were women. The High Court rightly ruled that it could not support any provision that would restrain the professional increment(Q5) of women. Grant of permanent commission would allow women to rise in rank along with the men, and gain pay parity.

1.Choose the correct answer from the given options to fill the blanks which are numbered.

A. Bias
B. Disturbance
C. Discrimination
D. Rights
E. No change required

2.Choose the correct answer from the given options to fill the blanks which are numbered.

A. Until
B. Upto
C. For
D. Since
E. No change required

3.Choose the correct answer from the given options to fill the blanks which are numbered.

A. Fizzle
B. Aspire
C. Condone
D. Prepare
E. No change required

4.Choose the correct answer from the given options to fill the blanks which are numbered.

A. Case
B. Complaint
C. Request
D. Petitions
E. No change required

5.Choose the correct answer from the given options to fill the blanks which are numbered.

A. Advancement
B. Proceeding
C. Abatement
D. Acceleration
E. No change required

Answer & Solution of Above Question
1. Ans.C
All the options appear to fit in but only after reading the following statement can the correct answer be predicted. Since, it talks of granting permission to women for Indian Navy, the word discrimination fits well.
The answer can also be inferred from the clue ‘set right last week’. This helps us understand that something was out of order which the government had to make right, hence the context is negative.

2. Ans.A
All the given options fit with the following word 'now'. The correct answer can only be chosen after reading the entire sentence. Among the given options, 'Until' fits the sentence contextually as well as grammatically.

3. Ans.E
Qualify, prepare and aspire seem to be apt. Prepare means to be ready, aspire means to aim/hope while qualify means to achieve something. Here, it refers to the achievement of a position in the permanent commission.

4. Ans.D

This is a tricky question. All the responses seem to be suitable. 'Case' refers to a matter brought before a court. Complaint is a statement of disagreement. Plea is a begging request. Petition is an application for appeal. Request also means to appeal. Petition is a contextually more suitable response and includes the meaning of case, complaint as well as plea. Between, request and petition, petition is a more suitable word related to court.

5. Ans.A