Why is it so important for a student to stay informed about “Current Affairs”.

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Informed students are good students, and in order to be an informed student, you need to stay up to date on national and international news and politics. Even though there are more news sources available than ever before, many of them are not reliable or unbiased. Tune in to local, national, and international news from reputable sources. You should also fact-check news stories to be sure you are receiving accurate information.

Current affairs range from a small business deal to an international terrorist attack and cover all topics including business deals, victories, failures, tragic incidents, corruption, political agreements etc. 

Current affairs also play a crucial role for students when they want to prepare for competitive exams. And why only competitive exams, even exams conducted for jobs and Interviews also contain questions on general awareness these days. This certainly tells the importance of current affairs in the life of students.

Apart from academic knowledge, students need to be aware of current affairs as most exams and govt. jobs related interviews emphasize on the level of the candidate on how much he is aware about the country. The most difficult entry level exam, civil service exams, which many young individuals aspire to clear also has the question paper which is designed consisting maximum number of current affairs questions. This has really pushed up the level of competition to beat other candidates, you not only require academic knowledge, but you also need to beat the score in the current affairs section to get a score higher than the others.

Many students still not realize the importance of knowing the current affairs and in the end pays for it by getting a lower rank in the examination they were aiming for. So, get your attention to Current affairs before they get you. Latest current affairs also play a crucial role for students when they want to prepare for competitive exams. Exams conducted for jobs and Interviews also contain questions on general awareness these days.

Always Stay Up-to-Date with Current Events with These Few Tips

Watch the news (and current affairs)

This seems simple, but it often isn’t. News is becoming more and more biased to all different interests. The safest way to make sure you’re getting the whole story is to watch several different stations. Don’t limit yourself to the nightly news; watch 24 hour news stations as often as you can.

Make sure you get a paper

Reading your local paper is great for staying current on issues close to you. Try to also get a paper from your closest metro area, as they often report on your state. Finally, subscribe to nationally circulated paper like the New York Times. With these you can get updates on what’s happening across the country and often around the world.

Listen to Podcasts.

Podcasts are perfect if you’d rather listen to the news than read it. It’s also suitable if you already know the facts about a topic and you want to hear other peoples’ opinions on it. There are plenty of podcast apps available; you just have to find the one that fits your interests.

Social Media Feeds:
Most of us will inadvertently peek into our social media feeds throughout the day. These probably already get news posts.

Use political websites and apps to get the latest political news. Although almost all news sources tackle political events to an extent, sources that cover politics and nothing else are among the best for detail and analysis.

Use a news aggregator. News aggregators pull stories about similar subjects from different news sources and group them together in an email list or feed for your consumption. News aggregators are great tools ways to stay abreast of news and current events because they sample from a wide variety of sources and put all of the stories in one place, saving you the hassle.

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