Sentence Joining-JA

Sentence Joining


Rules for solving

Step 1: Read each sentence carefully, and try to ascertain the possible relationship between them. Is the second sentence dependent on the first? Or does It contradict the first? Or does it build up on the information given in the first? Doing so will help to distinguish how the two sentences can be joined.

Step 2: Read the three ways given of joining the two sentences. Eliminate the one(s} that change the meaning of the sentence, or make the sentence sound unusually complicated or incoherent.

Step 3: Know how conjunctions are used to join sentences.

Step 4: Know how conjunctive adverbs are used to join sentences. Keep in mind that a comma or a semicolon is often used before a conjunctive adverb.This can help you in identifying the adverb.

The most commonly followed format for this is:

Main clause;+ conjunctive adverb +,Main Clause. Below is a table that will help you in understanding this further.

Step 5:  Sentences are also joined in some other ways. For instance,two sentences can be joined by using infinitives,such as ‘to’. Note that the infinitive ‘to’ is always used with the base form of the verb.

E.g. I want to go to the party. I want to meet Tom. a 1 want to go to the party to meet Tom. Incorrect: I want to buying a car.
Correct: Iwant to buy a car.

Step 6: Sentences can be joined by using a perfect participle.The structure of a perfect participle is:Having + verb (past perfect tense).Alternatively,sentences can also be joined by using a present or past participle.

E.g. He lost his job. He descended into depression. a Having lost his job,he descended into depression. (perfect participle)

E.g.He was sick of his parents. He transferred them to a home for the elderly.  Sick of his parents, he transferred them to a home for the elderly. (past participle)

E.g.I saw the dog.It was chasing a cat. a I saw the dog chasing a cat. (present participle)

Step 7:  Sentences can be joined by using a noun or a phrase in position.

E.g.  lngvar Kamprad is one of the most skilled entrepreneurs today.He is the founder of IKEA.

lngvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, is one of the most skilled entrepreneurs today.

Step 8: Eliminate options that do not follow any of the aforementioned rules of combining sentences. Choose the most suitable answer option from the remaining choices.