Sentence Completion

Para Completion

This is one of the prominent types of questions in several examination papers. The difficulty in solving such questions is that more than one option might seem to be the correct answer. A short paragraph with a missing sentence is given, and the student has to choose the most suitable option from the given choices to complete it.

Reduction in the time taken to find the most appropriate choices of utmost importance.There are a few tips and tricks that might help the student in doing so.

Types of Questions
1) The introductory sentence is missing.

2) The last sentence is missing. This type is found across all examination papers,especially          CAT and other MBA exams.

3) A sentence in the middle is missing.This is the most common type of para completion question in banking exams.

Tips for Solving
Step 1: Read the paragraph and try to assess its general idea or theme. This is helpful in trying to understand what the author is trying to say,the further points of discussion , and the direction in which the paragraph should proceed.

Step 2: Assess the tone of the paragraph. While doing so, also Keep an eye on the kind of adjectives being used by the author. If the author maintains a neutral tone throughout the passage,it is unlikely that an answer choice with a critical tone would be the answer.

Step 3: In the case that the last sentence of the paragraph is missing, take special note of the second last sentence.The correct answer is often the most logical extension of this sentence.Look for clues of continuation:

3a: Adverbs such as ‘moreover,’furthermore’,’therefore’ etc.imply that the sentence is carrying forward an idea mentioned in the previous sentence. Adverbs such as ‘however,’nevertheless’ etc. imply that the sentence carries an idea contrary to the one mentioned in the previous sentence.

3b: Relative pronouns such as ‘he’, ‘they’, ‘she’, ‘it’ might imply that tile person or object being referred to has been mentioned in the previous sentence.

Step 4: In the case that a sentence in the middle of the paragraph is missing, the correct answer is most likely to contain a description or explanation of the idea already mentioned in the beginning of the passage. The right option may also contain examples,evidence supporting the idea, or comparisons.

Step 5: In the case that the first sentence of the paragraph is missing, tile right answer is one that introduces the topic or concept being discussed in the passage. For instance, if the successive sentences in the passage talk about a person, referring to them by means of a pronoun,or their first name, there are chances that the first sentence of the passage introduces this person using his full name.

Step 6: Know want to eliminate. Elimination of unsuitable answer choices often helps the student in arriving at the correct answer. For such questions, eliminate options that are:
a: Out of scope: Options which talk about ideas that do not lie within the theme of the passage must be eliminated.

b: Not matching with the tone:If the author maintains a positive tone throughout the paragraph, an option with a critical or negative tone should be eliminated.

e: Repetitive or irrelevant: Answer choices that simply contain a repetition of information already mentioned, or are too specific on a particular aspect of the topic while the paragraph speaks on a general standpoint,are to be eliminated.

Three blanks

In this type of question,a single long sentence, or two sentences are given with three missing words or phrases. This type of question is slightly tough to solve as the student must find the option that !las three words or phrases, all of which fit in their respective blanks. On the bright side,elimination is easier in these questions.

The first step in solving this type of question is to see if the first word of each choice fits in the first blank of the sentence.Options in which the first word does not fit can be eliminated straightaway. The student must then proceed to the second word and eliminate the options with words that do not fit Lastly, the student must do the same for the third blank.If more than one word seems to fit in tile blank,the student must find the option with the combination of all three words which fit appropriately in the blanks.

It is crucial to keep in mind the tense of the sentence especially, if the missing word is a verb.In case the missing word is a noun or a noun phrase, take note of the verbs that have been used in order to determine if the missing words or phrases should be singular or plural,countable or uncountable. Having a good vocabulary is helpful in solving these type of questions, as students with weaker vocabulary often have difficulty in understanding the distinction between different words,and subsequently end up choosing the wrong option.

One word in TWo Blanks

In this type of question,two individual sentences,each with a missing word,are given, independent of each other. The student is given four or five answer choices, out of which only one fits in both blanKs.The student is required to identify this word and marK it as the right answer.

The most important thing to remember while solving these type of questions is that a single word can have different contextual meanings.This is the reason why two independent sentences with separate contexts are given, in order to test the student’s understanding of contextual meanings of words. Eliminating options in this case becomes easier,since all but one option will have words that either only fit in one blank,or if you are lucky, do not fit in any of the two blanks.


In the following question a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

Communism is a system that follows the roots of Marxism. It unites the people into one class and call for industrial power. All the people work, the people are all at the same social level. It creates a false sense of unity. Most of these communist governments are dictatorships; the government oppresses all opposing views. Communist policies deny people their basic rights and freedom. The people cannot even own their own private property. The methods of Communism have been varied slightly by each different government. ________________. They also state that everyone must work. Economic freedom allows people in democratic countries to get ahead in social status and wealth. Under communist rule, Nobody can cross the dictator or oppose his or her views it would certainly be considered treason and the consequences lethal. Through communism, people would contribute to the economy according to their ability and receive things according to their need.

1.Under communism the newspapers would say 'capitalist spy ring raided'.
2.If communism was not delivering the goods then even more stringent action was needed to eradicate the source of the trouble.
3.The rulers, too, can never be wrong since they are applying a system which can never err.
4.The communists try to make everyone equal by not allowing personal property.
5.They maintain that their system can never go wrong.