One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution

This type of question is frequently asked in both SSC and banking examinations. It is quick to solve if the student has a thorough vocabulary. It may also be useful if the student holds knowledge of the collective nouns used in the English language. In case the student is unaware of the words given in the answer choices, one trick to employ is to try to figure out the root or origin of the word provided. This can sometimes be helpfulin arriving at the right answer.

Solved Examples:

Question: One who is out to destroy the government

a) altruist
b) anarchist
c) autocrat
d) aboriginal

Answer : (b) anarchist

Question: A lament for the dead

a) elegy
b) eulogy
c) allegory
d) epigraph

Answer : (a)

Question: Someone who criticises or attacks cherished beliefs

a) effeminate
b) agnostic
c) connoisseur
d) iconoclast

Answer : (d) iconoclast