Multiple Word Replacement

Multiple Word Replacement

In this question type, a short passage, typically with two or three sentences is given. Three or four words in this passage are in bold or underlined, and the student has to choose from the given choices, the best possible combination of words that replace the ones in bold.

In the case that the sentence is correct, and all four words suit the context, the student must select the option ‘No Correction Required’. The main difficulty that arises in solving these type of questions is that more than one word might seem to fit the context. Elimination is often Key in solving this type of question.

Tips for solving.

Step 1: Break up the passage in order to arrive at the best possible word choice for each part. Without proceeding to read the answer choices, read the passage carefully to ascertain if the words are appropriate in that context or not.

Step 2: See if the first word of each choice fits in the first underlined word of the sentence. Options in which the first word does not fit can be eliminated straightaway.

Step 3: The student must then proceed to the second word and eliminate the options with words that do not fit.

Step 4: Lastly, the student must do the same for the third and fourth words.If more than one word seems to fit in the passage, the student must find the option with the combination of all four words which fit appropriately in the context of the passage.