Inappropriate Usage

Inappropriate Usage

These type of questions are mainly designed to test the student’s knowledge of contextual meaning of words, along with Knowledge of basic grammar, phrasal verbs and spelling.

A single sentence is given with four words underlined or in bold. One of these words is either incorrectly spelt,or inappropriately used in that context. The student has to identify the incorrectly spelt or inappropriately used word. In the case that all words are correct,the student may select the option ‘No Error.

Tips for solving
Step 1: Read the sentence carefully and try to find the word that does not fit in the context. If a word appears suspiciously long,it may have incorrect spell ing. Students with good vocabulary and spelling stand to benefit in solving such questions.

Step 2: Try to recall if you have read the word in a similar context. One trick that students can employ in solving such questions is by substituting the word in a simpler smaller sentence of the same Kind and having a similar context. This is helpful, as the questions given in the examination are sometimes deliberately designed to be long and convoluted.

Step 3: Arrive at the answer by eliminating the options that you are sure are contextually correct.If a particular sentence seems ambiguous or incoherent,there are good chances that the word usage in that sentence may be incorrect.
Step 4: Choose the most unsuitable word usage choice from the remaining options.