Direction Sence

Direction Sence

In these type of questions, a candidate is asked to ascertain the distance and/or the final direction between two points,generally the origin and the destination.
The questions try to evaluate a candidate’s ability to trace.follow and sense the directions correctly.
There are typically four main directions and four cardinal directions.

Main Directions

1. North (N)

2. South (S)

3.East (E)

4. West (W)

Cardinal Directions1. North East (NE)
2. North West (NW)

3. South East (SE)
4. South West (SW)

Angle between any two main (or cardinal) directionsis 90 degrees but the angle between one main and one cardinal direction is 45 degrees. Sign for showing direction
Here, the apex of an arrow tells us about the direction of movement of a point and the tail of an arrow shows the beginning of that point Clockwise direction
When a body moves in the direction of the hands of a clock, then it can be said that the body is moving in CW {clockwise) direction.