Blood Relations

Blood Relations

This question type requires the construction of the family hierarchy or family tree. To solve such problems one has to draw family tree by putting various relations.In this topic, the student is tested on his/her knowledge of blood relations.


Maternaland Paternal relations

- Any relation of Mother's side is called "Maternal''.

E.g. mother's father will be maternal grandfather, mother's brother will be maternal uncle, etc.

- Any relation of Father's side iscalled "Paternal".

E.g. father's sister willbe paternal aunt father's mother will be paternal grandmother,etc.
Questions are based on the relationships or the members. It helps to represent the data in a diagrammatic form. Following is an Illustration of the question type.

Tips on solving this question type
This question type is based on our understanding of the family tree.The relations hierarchy is the same as that of a family tree. Following tips can help solve this question type easily.
1. To sotve this type of questions put all the Information in a family tree diagram

2. Distinguish generations by depicting them on different levels. For example grandfather,grandmother nave to be placed on level one.Mother. father, Uncle and aunt are to be placed on level two and sister brother,niece, nephew have to be placed on level three.

3. Identify the gender and mark the same with a symbol.
Example male can be identified by putting (m) after that name while a female can be identified by putting (I).
4. Do not assume genders based on the name only.
5. Gender relationshipis same as thatIn a family tree.Example niece is a femalewhile brotheris male.

6. Do not assume number of siblings If nothing is mentioned. Example my mother's sister cannot be interpreted as mother having only one sister. The mother could have other siblings Which could be sisters or brothers.

7. Care should be exercised while Interpreting gender neutral relations such as siblings, parent, spouse etc.
Cold Blood Relations
Cold blood relation is a variation of blood relation question type. In this question type, the relationships are depicted In the form of symbols such as +, -,*, @, s,&,etc. Correct relationships nave to be Interpreted from the symbols.Interpretation of symbols can become a little confusing. Following Is an illustration of this question type.