Analytical Reasoning, Arrangements


Analytical reasoning questions on arrangements deal with figuring out the arrangement of people or objects placed In a straight line or around a circle.

In these type of questions, position as well direction plays an important role in unraveling the clues.
Tips on solving this question type
There are no hard and fast rules for the steps to befollowed to arrive at the final answer. However following are a few tips which will help you get started.
1. Draw the diagrammatic representation of the arrangement. E.g. draw a circle for a circular arrangement. Draw a dashed line for positions on a straight line etc.
2. Mark the direction i.e North, South,East,West or facing towards the table or away from the table.
3. Mark the right hand andleft hand position of the people keeping in mind the direction in which the individuals are facing.
4. Identify the definite clues and mark them first. In the above illustration,definite clue is S is to the immediate left of T.
5. Identify the relative positions and mark the same to get an indicative position.
6. Use definite clues in conjunction With relative position clues to arrive at the final arrangement. Common guideline for questions based on arrangements
· In a straight line position,if left and right positions haven't been mentioned then the left side is your left hand position while facing the question.
· If people are seated around a table with nodirection mentioned,it has to be read as facing towards the table.

·When people have to be seated in a row or a circular table, the best way to determine tile left hand and right hand position is to imagine yourself seated in that particular place.

Decision Making

This is a question type where a decision has to be taken weather to recruit/ select a candidate or not. To aid the decision selection, conditions are provided along with the exceptions to the conditions. In this question type,profile of the candidate has to be compared with the selection criteria and a decision has to be taken.